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Business Disputes

Business Disputes – Reducing Legal Fees

Disputes are an unfortunate part of commercial and daily life. Commercial disputes are increasingly common in today’s climate of economic uncertainty. These can arise in a large number of situations including IT disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, breach of contract and breach of confidence claims. Navigating through such disputes can be stressful, disruptive and damaging to your business.

Dealing with the claim itself can be bad enough but the level of legal fees that can be incurred by both sides can have a devastating impact on a business.  Rest-assured, you can successfully challenge legal fees.

Whether you are a sole-trader, self-employed, run a SME, are involved in corporate work for a multi-national or are somewhere in between, sometimes lawyers overcharge and you can challenge legal firms’ fees and secure reductions on legal fees.

With our assistance you can potentially achieve enormous reductions on excessive legal costs.

In some cases, a successful challenge may be based simply on a lawyer overcharging hourly rates or the level of time they have spent on the matter.  In other cases lawyers charge beyond what they are contractually entitled to.  You are entitled to a reduction on those fees and that is where we come in.

Our team is experienced in dealing with legal costs challenges relating to all types of commercial dispute and we get real results.  Quickly.

We can help control the level of legal fees you pay to your own solicitor and minimise the legal costs you have to pay to the other side if you lose your case.