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Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence – Reducing Legal Fees

Professional negligence claims can arise in a number of situations where a professional person (eg an accountant, solicitor, doctor, financial adviser or surveyor) fails to perform their job to the standards reasonably expected of them, resulting in their client suffering damage or loss.

The complexity of these claims can lead to very high levels of legal fees being incurred by both sides to the dispute.

The last thing you need in addition to the inevitable stress of such a claim is to be overcharged legal costs and that is where CLF Law can assist.

In some cases a successful challenge may be based simply on a lawyer overcharging hourly rates or the level of time they have spent on the matter.  In other cases lawyers charge beyond what they are entitled to under the terms of the original agreement with their client.  You are entitled to a reduction on those fees.

We have extensive experience, achieving significant reductions on legal fees and successfully challenging solicitors’ costs.

We can help control those legal costs whether you are bringing or defending a claim for professional negligence.