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Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes – Reducing Legal Fees

Contractual disputes can arise in a large number of situations including building works, service contracts and sale of goods.  In fact, much of every-day life involves contracts – from changing jobs to building a home extension.  Essentially anything that involves a legally-binding agreement.

Where disputes arise they can have a profoundly disruptive impact on your personal life or business in terms of time, effort and cost.

If not properly managed, the level of legal fees that can be incurred by both sides can dwarf the amount in dispute.

In many cases you can successfully challenge legal fees and with the assistance of CLF Law you can potentially achieve significant reductions on legal costs.  Ultimately the result is money in your pocket which is rightfully yours, not in the pocket of a lawyer who has overcharged.

CLF Law is experienced in dealing with legal costs relating to a wide variety of contractual disputes for many different types and size of business, from the individual trader to international firms.  Whatever your situation, if you have been overcharged legal fees we can assist in having them reduced.

We can help control the level of legal fees you pay to your own solicitor and minimise the legal costs you have to pay to the other side if you lose your case.