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Challenging Your Legal Fees

If you have received a bill, or bills, from your solicitor that you believe may be too high we can help. We can review the amounts claimed and advise you on whether the legal fees claimed are fair or excessive. If you have been overcharged by your solicitor, we can challenge the amounts claimed on your behalf. If necessary we will take the matter to court for a judge to rule on a reasonable level of legal costs. We can help in any area where you are faced with a bill from your solicitor (or other legal representative), including:

  • Business disputes
  •  Contractual disputes
  •  Divorce
  •  Personal injury claims
  •  Probate
  •  Professional negligence claims
  •  Property disputes

There are usually strict timescales for challenging solicitors’ fees. The sooner you dispute the legal costs being claimed by your lawyer the better. We can advise you on whether you are still in time to challenge the level of legal fees being claimed by your lawyer.