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Divorce – Reducing Legal Fees

Going through a divorce or other family dispute is inevitably a difficult and distressing time.  The last thing you need in addition to the financial and emotional strain of a divorce is the fear of excessive legal fees.  Often people do not realise that it is possible to challenge legal fees or to dispute solicitors’ fees – but in many cases lawyers overcharge.

This is where CLF Law is able to assist, with minimum fuss and with quick results.  We can take away this part of the stress and in most cases we can save you money.  Sometimes a significant amount.

Whether you are concerned about fees you will have to pay your own solicitor, legal costs you have already paid out or the fees of your spouse that you may become responsible for, we can assist.

In many cases we are able to reduce legal fees by a significant amount so that you keep money which is rightfully yours.

We can help control the level of legal fees you pay to your own solicitor and minimise the legal costs of your spouse that you may have to have to pay.