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Helping Litigants in Person

If you are a Litigant in Person, we can help with any legal costs issues that may arise in your case. This may include:

• Advising you on how to respond where your opponent serves you with a Precedent H Costs Budget.
• Challenging your opponent’s costs if you are unsuccessful in a legal dispute.
• If you are successful, drafting a bill of costs to enable you to recover money to compensate you for the time you have spent working on the dispute and any expenses (such as court fees) you have incurred.
• Attending a costs hearing to act on your behalf. You may have felt able (or had no choice) to act for yourself in the original case, but the complexities of legal costs law are such that even experienced solicitors will usually turn to a legal costs specialist to deal with this area. We can provide you with that expertise and support.