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Personal Injury

Personal Injury – How can we reduce legal fees?

Personal injury accidents can have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives.

From a fall at work, to a slip in the supermarket or a road traffic accident, you want to make sure that your solicitor is 100% committed to maximising your claim for damages.  You do not want to worry whether your solicitor is charging you excessive legal fees or will take too large a deduction from your damages.

Avoiding expensive legal costs with personal injury

You are the injured party and you deserve to be fairly compensated without significant parts of your award going towards excessive legal costs.

In many cases solicitors overcharge and CLF Law is here to ensure that you do not pay excessive legal fees.

There are many ways in which we can challenge legal costs, from a situation where a solicitor has simply taken too much time to do the work to a situation where a solicitor has overcharged based on the contract you agreed with the solicitor.

How can I complain about lawyers’ fees?

Rest-assured, you can complain about lawyers’ fees and in many cases CLF Law can secure significant reductions on what you have been charged, resulting in money in your pocket which is rightfully yours.

CLF Law can ensure that the arrangement you have with your solicitor is fair in terms of the legal costs being charged and make sure that the final bill to pay is reasonable.  We can even check that previous legal bills you have paid were not excessive.

If you have a personal injury GWS Law can make sure you don’t pay over the odds for legal fees